Destruction Day #4 (Cleanup)

Well I didn’t actually get any additional work done on the trailer tonight, but I did spend several hours going through most of the things that I had removed from the trailer. I am keeping some pieces to either reuse or for patterns. Most everything that was wood or cloth is being thrown after documenting dimensions. I am ready to remove the bathroom and then start removing the belly pan. I am hoping that by the end of next week I will have that done and the inner skins removed.

Cleanup Before & After

I finally got around to ordering axles, brakes, wheels, and replacement windows (missing 4 at the moment). I decided to go with the Henschen Dura Torque Axle from Inland RV after talking with many other vintage AS owners that recommend the Henschen after having them for some time. Andy gets a lot of flack on the forums in the Henschen vs. Dexture flame threads, but in the end I felt that the Henschen was the best choice for my trailer. The new axles are rated 3500# and have 12″ electric brakes. My tow vehicle is a beast and the trailer actually handled great when I hauled it home with the old shot axles and no trailer brakes. I imagine that the new setup will perform really well.

I will post pictures of the wheels once they arrive and I have the tires installed. We are going with a retro look and will either use Baby Moon or Smoothie hub caps, depending on if I can find Baby Moons that will fit my 15″ wheels. The Smoothie actually looks great on the other vintage AS trailers that I have seen and can be easily found.

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