Destruction Day #5

I woke up before it was light today to tackle ripping the bathroom out of the AS, before beginning my day job. My dad will be helping me on/off as he has time and today he joined in for the fun. The bathroom took a lot of time for such a small space and was like taking a puzzle apart.

I had originally thought that I would be able to save and repurpose a lot of the items in the bathroom, but after spending more time in there, I am not sure I want to build the bathroom anything like it was originally designed. I would love to know how someone kept the area around the toilet clean in this original design! The components were in decent shape, but there were several fiberglass panels that would need some repair. The black water tank was in unusable condition and was literally falling out of the bottom of the trailer. We didn’t even bother removing the toilet since they both needed to go and we simply cut the tank away from the valve and gave her the heave-ho (well actually we carried it out very gently since it was not empty…).

This entire process would have literally taken me 2x as long if it weren’t for the help of my dad (thank you Dad). When we finally got the dividing walls down, then we could see under the cabinets and there is no telling how many creatures have called that space home over the years. The hot water heater had seen better days and the floor had a very interesting patch job. We laughed several times as I recalled that the seller had said that this trailer just needed some new linoleum and it would be good to go. I can’t wait to get the belly pan off and the inner-skins, but I am guessing that those will hold the true treasures and surprise from rodents that thought the AS would make a great home. Where did I put my hazmat suit?

Bathroom After

I wish I could say that I have already organized the items from the bathroom that I will keep for the time being, but almost the entire bathroom is sitting in the front half of the trailer. I guess I know what my next project will be.

Bathroom Aftermath

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