Destruction Day #3

This morning I removed the existing bedroom. I took my time as I found several old used syringes and eventually a Tupperware full of pot and other paraphernalia. Those that know me, know that I have never drunk alcohol, smoked anything, and never done any drugs so I am not 100% of my odd findings. I believe the PO was a musician in the Austin, TX area so these findings don’t come as a huge surprise.

Scary Bedroom

This was probably one of the scariest looking rooms of the trailer before I began this full trailer demolition project. I purchased this trailer from a guy that buys old trailers like these and he had purchased the trailer from the Austin musician. The guy I bought the trailer from was really nice and sells most of his trailers to people wanting to put these trailers onto leases. He had told me, “it just needs some new linoleum”. I don’t know about you, but even before I found the scary items today I wouldn’t want to sleep in this trailer even with new linoleum.

The bulkheads, closets, and beds came out without much work. They were all still firmly attached to the trailer, but all of the screws and pop rivets were easily accessible. I did also find a bird that had been dead for several years in the street side utility access door area near the closet.

Bedroom Before & After

I spent some more time removing some fixtures from the living room and kitchen area, before wrapping up my morning of work. I am very much looking forward to drilling out all of the pop rivets, as that has been really fun so far. I bought both a buck and blind rivet remover tool, so we will see if those help out with the job. I really think now those tools might have been unnecessary as my new favorite tool, a spring loaded center punch, would have worked fine for getting me started on the buck rivets. The AS is now very spacious, but is lacking character on the interior at this point. 😉

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  1. leah roehl says:

    Can we chat about how to manage remove the interior rivets to gut the AS? I’m not sure what tools I need or what process to implement….thanks!

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