Destruction Day #2

I spent a few hours this evening and was able to remove the existing kitchen. This was much more work than the living room, as all of the cabinets were still very much intact. I am still amazed at all of the dust and little stuff that I find in the nooks as things are pulled away revealing areas that have not seen light in who knows how long. Tonight the big find was a butterfly knife and a leather dog collar that has begun the petrification process, but I guess those are better than finding a dead mouse or rat.

The upper cabinets were the most challenging to remove, but once I figured out how they were attached, a little persistence and they both came off. The PO had removed the original refrigerator and the wall on the door side. They had replaced the original fridge with a dorm type 4-5′ tall fridge and had strapped it to the mount that use to hold the door side wood wall in place. I will have to hit up some other ’67 owners in the airforums for some pictures of what it looked like originally.

Kitchen Before & After

There is a pretty wicked looking wasp nest in the furnace exhaust vent that still has some living wasps. They weren’t so happy when I was banging around on their quarters, but they will soon have to flee or else, once I have time to remove the old furnace.

Kitchen Salvage Pile

The next bit of work will be going through the kitchen salvage pile and determining what I want to keep for patterns, scraps, resale, or junking. If anyone is interested in the old furnace or original oven, please let me know as I am planning on going with something newer.

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