Destruction Day #1

I began the destruction of the interior of the AS this morning and it took about 1.5 hours to almost completely gut the living room. I am going to be working my way from front to back and will be completely gutting down to the inner-skin and sub-floor for phase 1. I will then remove the belly pan, level the frame, and then finish the inner destruction by removing the inner-skin, insulation, and wiring.

We are missing the front, rear, and street side bedroom windows so I began the day by removing the temporary covers that the previous owner had installed. This really helped with the lighting and also allowing better air circulation, which is really needed with all of the dust and other stuff flying around as things are being torn up!

Front Window

Street-Side Bedroom Window

Rear Window

Time had done most of the work for me in the living room and the couches were almost ready to slide out without my help. The bases were the only thing still physically attached to the trailer, but they gave little resistance. The linoleum flooring was curling away from the walls so that was also easy to remove.

Living Room Before

I am hoping to find at least one pre-1965 silver coin, but so far a 1966 quarter is the closest winner. The previous owner had really let this trailer go to waste and I found so much junk in the living room that I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the rooms and get them gutted.

Living Room After

Things are starting to look better already and as soon as my work schedule will allow, I will be able to fly through the rest of the destruction. I am guessing that the bathroom will take the longest, but will also be the most interesting!

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