Weekly Update #2

This update is delayed by two weeks as things have been a little off here lately. Two weeks ago a “blizzard” came through this area of Texas and our city is not setup to deal with 3-5″ of snow and 1″+ of ice under the snow. Anyway, no work happened on the trailer that week and then this past week my entire family and I came down with some type of a cold that took us out of commission pretty good. Well here is the update from several weeks ago now and this coming week is going to be full of tons of progress as we will finally have help to remove the clear coat, finish stripping the upper inner skins, and finally remove the inner skins. I have the POR-15 products sitting here ready for the┬áchassis restoration to begin in the next week or two.

The AC is now completely off and was a fun little project to do by myself. I have not weighed the unit yet, but it was fairly heavy (I’m guessing 60lbs+). I lifted it off the roof by myself and set it on top of an 8′ ladder and then onto a 6′ ladder before it came to rest on the floor.

Here are a bunch of shots of the progress that was made on removing the vinyl. This is an easy task, but just time consuming. I have a pretty good process that involves two coats that works really well. We now have all of the vinyl off of the lower walls and just have the upper two panels to do the length of the trailer. Then we need to remove some of the left over residue, but that can be done once the panels are off.

This is the fantastic stripper product that makes removing this vinyl an easy task. I have done most of this in an enclosed shop since it has been cooler. The fumes are not bad at all, but it does burn like crazy if you get it on your skin, or in your mouth…note to self keep mouth shut when yanking off the vinyl as some of the remover might fling off into mouth.

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