Excella New LED Running Lights

The running lights had a short in them when we first picked up this trailer. I examined each light and although they looked to be wired correctly with no exposed wires, the plastic bases were deteriorating so badly that pieces would simply fall off trying to remove a bulb. I decided to install all new LED running lights since that would take less time than trying to find the short. Once I removed the lights the short went away, but there was still power loss. I prepped each area for the new lights and then discovered the cause of the short…a very exposed wire.

After removing the damaged portion of the wire there was no further power loss! I purchased the same LED lights that we used on the ’77 from superbrightleds.com. The proof is in the pudding as they say.


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  1. Debra Knowles says:

    I can hardly believe what all you’ve done, Todd! You should have a geat sense of accomplishment, for sure.

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