Argosy & Arkansas

We have some really good friends that have been looking for an Airstream or Argosy for awhile now. They finally found a keeper about 500 miles away, so we went on a little adventure this weekend.

We headed up on Friday and stayed at the Jellystone Park at Rustic Creek Ranch in Ft Worth. This is the nicest Jellystone that we have stayed at yet, but only were able to stay one night.

The next day we finished the drive to a small city south of Little Rock, AR. The 1976 Argosy 28′ was in incredible condition and simply perfect for our friends. After a little looking over they bought the Argosy and we went on our way to DeGray Lake.

We camped in the park that night and then got a chance to enjoy the woods a little the next morning before we hit the road. The lake is gorgeous and the woods were incredible. There is also a golf course at the park, so you could spend a 4 day weekend there and have a blast. Here are some pictures that we took with our phone as we forgot to bring our “big” camera.

The drive back home went without incident except for somewhere along the last 60 miles a rock went through the curb-side front wing window! If you have or know of anyone with an Argosy wing window they would like to sell please let me know. Our friends really like the clear look of the Argosy’s factory windows, but the new replacements you can get today are all tinted. Now I am a big believer of a good rock guard.

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